Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Tin with a Treasure Project

For the past two and a half years, Salem Danville - a non-profit organization  nr: 080-720 – has been touching people’s lives in the West of Pretoria. We started with 6 people under an open roof and we have grown to a hundred adults, 70 children and 30 teenagers.

Currently we are fellowshipping in an old pub that we have renovated into a church, in one of the poorest areas in Danville.  

For photo’s en newsletters go to  http://salem-danville.blogspot.com/
Every Christmas we aim to give every family in our congregation a bag full of food to also make the festive time a special occasion.

This year we also want to combine it with a message and want to give more privileged children the opportunity to feel they do something for the unprivileged people of Danville.

We want to ask you as an individual, school or Sunday school to get involved by asking each child to donate a can of food. The message part is where each child pastes his own picture or message over the tin. His name and the name of the school or church are also written on the paper. For practical reasons we also ask that you would write down what is inside the can, so that one family would not only get baked beans J.
Our aim is to collect a thousand tins with treasures!

These tins will be handed over one Sunday in December to the precious people of our congregation! All churches and schools that get involved can even send a representative on that day. Otherwise photo’s of this day will be available!

Thank you very much that you consider getting involved with this project. We cannot do this alone, and people like you make it possible to show God’s hand to these people!

May you and your family be richly blessed!

Kobus & Anina Homan
Senior leaders
Salem Danville
083 651 2157

(Any other donations, especially old clothes are always welcomed – please contact us any time!)

Salem Danville
Absa  cheque account
407 416 5727 

Thursday, 22 September 2011

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Monday, 19 September 2011

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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

If we sing, they will hear!


Psalm 89:1(NLT)
 1 I will sing of the Lord’s unfailing love forever!
      Young and old will hear of your faithfulness.

Sunday evening, almost in the middle of the praise and worship, a lady and her son peeked into our church and moved into one of the back rows.

She started to cry during the sermon. She was obviously going through a very tough time! We allocated some prayer time for people that needed a miracle in their lives. Almost everyone came out for prayer, including this precious lady.

I prayed for her, but she cried so much that we had to go into a prayer room where she shared her story with me. A story of pain and hurt, but also a choice to come back to the Lord a few months ago. This specific Sunday she was however despondent and without hope and she decided to search for some alcohol just to numb the pain.

She and her eleven year old son walked past the church just as we were worshipping. Her son was the one who encouraged her to walk into the church.

She told me that she believed God let her hear the singing and because of that she turned to Him again for hope and healing!

Sometimes when you sing of God’s love and His faithfulness, you are not even aware of the fact that people might be listening to you! Even more miraculous, that maybe a person`s life can be changed.

There are many broken people in this world. Some of them just need to hear that God is still a loving and faithful God. Although God can send a legion of angels to praise His name, He chooses to use our voices!

Will you sing of His unfailing love? Young and old will hear, and some of them will turn back to Him!

Kobus & Anina

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Friday, 2 September 2011

News from Salem

It is such a privilege to stand in His service and see how He changes people!

We have been really encouraged about what have been happening in people’s lives these past few months!

Our Feast Dinners

This with no doubt has been one of the highlights for us as pastors of Salem Danville! For six Wednesday evenings we have been inviting about 25 people that are part of the congregation for a lovely dinner. Initially, we thought we will give each person a “boerewors roll”.  But God spoke very clearly to Kobus: “What do you serve your family and friends when you invite them for dinner?”

Kobus is one of the best “braaiers” you will ever know and his specialty – T-bone! So God challenged him – to give each person the biggest nicest T-bone… We complained with God, because T-bone is kind of expensive. The first evening it seemed that there were more people than T-bone. We just prayed… when the last person got his T-bone, the T-bones were finished! For the next five weeks, God provided enough meat for each and every person in our congregation to taste Kobus’ specialty! We serve a God who still does miracles!

We ended off with a big celebration feast one Sunday morning with Corli le Roux and her team ministering praise and worship and Manie and his team made “potjiekos” for all! Thanks you guys!

Salem’s First Missionary
We are so excited about our first missionary – Innocence and his family came from a Northern African state as a political refugees. But God had other plans – to use him as a missionary in Danville. He and his family really went through allot of trauma, but God’s healing brought restoration and he is standing in His service, glowing as he work for the Father! Thank you for the people that sponsor him and his family so that they can keep on doing this work!

People Giving Gratitude

We have been so blessed by people overflowing with gratitude towards God. Most of the people in our congregation really don’t have much. Like Amy – she got a small job and for the first time in a long time can afford her own “Wendy house”. She brought us a small, little book of her own, just to say thank you. The little book is about “Footprints” and other inspirational quotes. We just realized that a small gift from someone with so little leaves big footprints in the heart!


Eighteen people have been baptized. Because we don’t have the facilities to baptize people we had to take them to Kempton Park to be baptized. One of the newly converted men was so touched by God that he decided he is going to build a “baptism bath” for our church!

We are so humbled by these people that have so little but want to give so much back to God. Most of them cannot give money – but they give what they can…


Here we have to mention a few names:
-       Christell, Antionette, Martin and Karina (Sunday School)
-       Danie and Margie (Teenagers)
-       Braam (Logistics)
-       Kiewiet, Mitzie, Nikky and all the other committed Danville volunteers

You give up your time, money and energy for your specific ministry. You have not only opened your hearts to them, but you also give a hand – every week!
Even more than we appreciate you… we know the Father smiles over you!

Thank You

We always say it – but we can never leave it out:


Thank you for each and every prayer, words of support and financial support. This is a ministry that will never be able to function without all the support of the people that support us. It is not always easy, but you make it possible for us to work for the Father in Danville!

A Last Word

Proverbs 22:9(NLT)
 9 Blessed are those who are generous,
      because they feed the poor.

May you be blessed beyond measure – because you are generous to the poor!

Kobus & Anina Homan
Pastors Salem Danville

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