Saturday, 30 July 2011

Salem’s make-over:

These past few weeks we have been very busy:

Our church was moved in a more practical way, to minimize distractions during service time. We hung some curtains and moved the audio-visual equipment in such a way that if one person would get up, the whole audience would not be disturbed. Unfortunately this will always be a problem in a small area where you try to put in a whole lot of people, but it’s now much better – there is now less distractions during the service and more sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

We were also privileged to receive some tables for our Sunday school – we drew some pictures and painted Biblical themes on these tables to give a make-over for our Sunday school room as well.

All our leaders helped in all the make-over processes and we want to THANK EACH and EVERYONE! This was a team effort and the end result is amazing. THANK YOU also to Kruik Secunda who sponsored the tables and is currently sponsoring our community meals – It means so much!

It is wonderful to give some excellence in an environment that is used to second best. We are proud of Salem Danville!

We also want to thank Ingrit they came in and painted our Sunday school wall with a Biblical theme, and sponsored plastic tables and chairs

Our children were spoiled with a lovely Easter outing – although it was a rainy day, they still enjoyed the day – experiencing the real meaning of Easter and eating lots of chocolate. Thank you for the Potato Foundation and every other sponsor who made this day possible.